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How to Bet Cricket in 10cric India​

10cric india

Are you ready to experience the exciting world of cricket betting? Whether you’re a passionate cricket fan or an aspiring bettor, 10Cric India has everything you need to elevate your game and turn your knowledge into winnings. 

From match odds to prop bets, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the thrilling realm of cricket wagering and help you discover winning strategies that can make a difference. 

So, get ready to unleash your betting skills, explore exciting formats, and dive into the action-packed world of cricket betting on 10Cric India. Join us on this exciting adventure as we discover the keys to triumph!

10Cric India: With more than 2.5 billion participants, Cricket is the most popular sport globally, next to soccer. Given the variety of opportunities, sports fans and bettors of all levels should know how to wager on a cricket match.

We review the different types of cricket betting, the specific bets one can make, how to read betting odds, and winning betting methods.

Cricket Match Odds in 10Cric India

Understanding standard Cricket match odds is no different from any other major sport. 

Cricket wagers are most frequently placed using money line wagers or simply selecting the game’s Sportsbook. 

The odds for a moneyline bet in a cricket match might look like this:

  • Australia -200
  • South Africa +170

The odds given above are in American odds, where the underdog can list with a plus (+), and the favorite can list with a minus (-). 

When a ₹100 wager was placed on South Africa, the +170 underdog in the example above. To win, the bettor would win their ₹100 wager and an additional ₹170. 

If a ₹100 wager was placed on Australia, the -200 favorite, and the wager won, the bettor would win ₹100 plus ₹50.

 Other formats for listing odds include fractional odds (3/2), which expresses the ratio of the amount you would win to the amount you would have to wager, and decimal odds (1.9), which multiplies your potential return by the listed odds.

Other formats for listing odds include fractional odds (3/2), which expresses the ratio of the amount you would win to the amount you would have to wager, and decimal odds (1.9), which multiplies your potential return by the listed odds.

How to Win at Cricket Sports in 10Cric India

10cric india

As with any sport, the secret to making money betting on Cricket is understanding how to wager on a cricket match. 

The key to successfully betting on Cricket and winning is having a thorough understanding of the sport, the players, and the tournament formats. 

However, you will find it much more challenging to do so if you are still getting used to the available possibilities for online sports betting

The most common online betting types and the many cricket betting options are described here.

Match Sportsbook

Like any other major sport, the most common bet in Cricket is a moneyline wager on the match Sportsbook. 

Depending on the type of competition, some bookmakers like Mahadev Bet, lets you place a wager on a draw. 

People can gamble on teams to win or draw using a classic soccer betting tactic known as “double chance” cricket bets. 

Sportsbook betting is a simple way to increase stakes in a game and bet on Cricket and win for new gamblers or casual viewers.

Innings Runs

The standard way that many bettors select to place a bet on a cricket match is to bet on the overall total of runs scored in a session. 

The exact total of runs in an inning can be gambled, as well as the overall number of runs expected by an online sportsbook, OVER or UNDER. 

Every cricket side bats once in only two innings in some cricket formats, such as T20. In other arrangements, the teams bat first for four or more innings while switching off.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

The result of the first ball or over in a cricket match is a more immediate event that gamblers can stake on. 

Many online sportsbooks provide an OVER or UNDER for the first ball’s and the first over’s total number of runs, while some also include cricket odds for first ball outcomes such as six, four, wicket, etc.

Player And Team Total Cricket Betting

Fans can wager on the overall runs scored by a player or a team throughout a game, similar to betting on innings runs or first ball/first over outcomes. 

Fans can wager OVER or UNDER on the side, and books set player totals. For select players, bookies may also offer a separate total wager on whether they will score a century (100 runs) or a half-century (50 runs). 

Some bookies also allow one to wager how many runs a Sportsbook duo will score.

Live Cricket Betting

Many sportsbooks also allow live betting, which enables spectators to place bets on many of the types above while a game is in progress.

Additionally, to odds constantly changing for traditional formats, live in-play cricket betting can offer special formats like the outcome of the next ball or the next over and options for those looking to wager on Cricket in unusual manners.

How To Win with Cricket Prop in 10Cric India

Cricket prop bets give fans a chance to place wagers on in-play events that have no bearing on the game’s final result and give them more options for cricket betting.

Depending on the format or game, dozens of different prop bets may be available for any particular game. 

Still, for cricket fans looking to place profitable prop bets, the following are some of the most popular cricket props.

Coin Toss

You may place a bet on who will win the coin toss in a cricket match, and some sportsbooks let bets on whether the coin will land heads or tails.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler

The top batsman or bowler props are an excellent option for fans who want to wager on cricket stars rather than match events or results.

A top batter wager can be made on whether a specific player will score the most runs or, in the event, just which team the most significant run scorer represents. 

Whoever will take the most wickets in a game will be the top bowler wager.

Most Sixes

Players can wager who will hit the most sixes during a game, much like a top batsman prop bet.

Cricket Events to Bet On in 10Cric India

10cric india

Cricket features various competitive formats and tournaments all year, just like other widely recognized international sports. 

Determine the format and competition you wish to wager on before learning how to bet on a cricket match.

Indian Premier League Cricket – T20

An annual 14-game schedule is played between March and May in the IPL, featuring eight teams from Indian towns and states. 

With just two total innings (one per side) and a maximum of 20 overs each, the IPL is played in a T20 cricket format. 

Many individual props and team totals are substantially smaller in the condensed version than in other forms. 

Because of its shorter games and more offensively focused play styles, the IPL and its Australian equivalent, the Big Bash League, may be ideal tournaments for cricket fans just learning how to gamble.

One Day Internationals

The One Day International (ODI) cricket format is used for games between the top cricketing nations in the world. 

An ODI is played in just two innings, with each side getting to bat just once, similar to T20. However, games in the ODI format can run over eight hours, and the maximum number of overs is over 20, often 50.

It is the format utilized in the ICC World Cup for bettors interested in cricket matches between international opponents.

Test Match Cricket

Test cricket, regarded as the sport’s purest version, is familiar to seasoned cricket fans and bettors, despite the rise of T20 and ODI cricket. 

Test cricket dates back to the late 19th century and is a days-long game consisting of four innings and hundreds of overs. 

Each side has two chances to bat during a game, and they switch between bowling and fielding for 90 overs each day or until the batting team is out-bowled.


In conclusion, betting on Cricket should be done responsibly and with caution, just like any other type of gambling. 

Researching the teams and players engaged in the game is essential. You should also consider the game’s format and search for a value using the currently offered odds. 

Setting a budget for your bets and just gambling within your means is essential. Additionally, it’s crucial to refrain from following losers and make decisions free of prejudice or passion. 

In cricket betting, there is no surefire way to succeed. Also, using excellent judgment and adopting appropriate gambling habits to limit losses is good.

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